Springfield Taxpayers Rights Corporation


What are the Challenges with Springfields’ Municipal Council?

As concerned taxpayers, the first challenge we are addressing as a group is the Berger Peat Moss Plant located on 22054 Oakwood Road.

Springfield Taxpayers Rights Corp has been created by Springfield Taxpayers who are concerned with our local councils’ actions and decisions regarding:

  • Lack of Regard for the health and well-being of affected residents
  • Irresponsible Business Growth and Development in Springfield
  • Minimal pubic input, meaningful public consultation, and democraticaccountability.

What has the RM of Springfield Council allowed?

RM Springfield Council has allowed an Industrial Manufacturing Processing Plant to fully develop 160 acres of Prime Agricultural Land. This manufacturing plant is surrounded by residential agricultural acreages. Below are two images of Bergers’ Hadashville Peat Moss Manufacturing facility so residents can see what the potential impact to our community will be.

Satellite View of the Berger Plant in Hadashville, Manitoba
Berger Manufacturings’ current plant in Hadashville, Manitoba. Photo taken in 5km winds.
Springfield Taxpayers Rights Corp
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