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Springfield Taxpayers Rights Corp and Municipal Community Planning

Jennifer Lim is a Registered Professional Planner who is working with the Springfield Taxpayers Rights Corporation to solve the issues currently affecting Springfield residents and created a detailed Planners Report for concerned residents to review.  The detailed document proceeds to explain, in great detail, the Purpose of the Planning Document, the Background of Communication, the Affected Areas, the Issues at hand, the Legislative Context, Concerns from Objective Parties,  the Expectations of Residents and the Role of Council. 

Jennifer Lim – Registered Professional Planner

Jennifer has a Bachelor of Environmental Design (2004) and a Master of Landscape Architecture (2011) from the University of Manitoba.  Jennifer is a Registered Professional Planner recognized by the Canadian Institute of Planners (since 2014) and has over 17 yeas experience in public policy and planning, having worked for the Red River Planning District (formerly the Selkirk and District Planning Area Board) since 2002, and has experience in the private planning sector since February 2020.

Owner and Principal of Threshold Planning Studio Inc.

Threshold Planning Studio Inc. is an interdisciplinary firm specializing in landscape design and land use planning, including public engagement across a wide range of project scopes and scales. Its owner and Principal Planner, Jennifer Lim, has a breadth of experience working with public and private sector clients on a variety of planning, design, and implementation projects. Jennifer Lim has been serving public sector clients for over 17 years and maintains a well-known, professional reputation throughout the Capital Region area of Manitoba. Jennifer Lim provides professional expertise to find appropriate design solutions and adheres to a comprehensive engagement methodology to ensure optimal participation, engagement, and ultimately buy-in for your intended deliverables.

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