Springfield Taxpayers Rights Corporation


As Springfield Citizens, what are our concerns?

  1. Residents are not protected by existing by laws when they are not enforced by our local municipal council.
  2. Springfield’s Residents rights were violated when the RM of Springfield refused to hold public hearings for a new manufacturing plant, Berger Manufacturing, a Peat Moss Facility located at 22054 Oakwood Road.
  3. Springfield’s council ignored their own bylaws by issuing a permit to allow an industrial/processor to operate on prime agricultural land.
  4. Zero consideration was given to the rights of the residents living in the surrounding & affected areas.
  5. The value of residential properties that surround the new property will be severely impacted.
Councilors Glen Fuhl, Howard Bredin, Rick Wilson, Peter Williams, Valerie Ralke, Mayor Tiffany Fell and Ron Schuler MLA Springfield
Springfield Taxpayers Rights Corp
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