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Open Letter to Springfield Residents

UPDATE June 17, 2024:
MAYOR Therrien, Councillors Warren and Fuhl (with only 4 days notice to the public),
are NOW planning to give second and third reading to pass the hotly contested General Borrowing Bylaw that will force All Springfield Residents, without their consent, to pay for new offsite sewer and water services supporting developer profits and allow for accelerated residential development of up to 200 new homes  annually in the Dugald Oakbank corridor!

Without consultation, adequate notice or consent from the public, the RM staff and Mayor are also planning to slip in an additional tax on Residents currently on serviced water. The proposed new additional tax could easily add up to $300 per Residence to their annual water bill.

         THERRIEN’S RECKLESS  “PASS THIS NOW, WORRY ABOUT THE REST LATER” APPROACH  is totally contrary to 90% of THE Springfielder’s who participated in the door to door Survey / Petition conducted by Springfield Taxpayers Rights Corp.

   Over 1200 residents said no to pay for infrastructure costs directly benefiting developers and builders and voted no to Springfields transition to become a Suburb of Winnipeg.

From June 11, 2024

Message from Councillors Miller and Kuczynski

Borrowing plans for the next 3 years in Springfield may raise resident taxes by up to $1,250 per year due to infrastructure needs of developers.

Click below to see their latest video:

Mayor Therrien & Councillors Warren & Fuhl’s MASSIVE PROPERTY TAX PROPOSAL

Usually, local improvements for major infrastructure projects, which provide services to new homes and multi residential developments, are funded by the property developers. Purchasers of these new properties usually pay their share of development costs, as the infrastructure costs are reflected in the purchase price of new homes and properties. Developers are usually expected to carry a majority of the water and waste infrastructure costs, as these improvements significantly increase the value of their properties, usually doubling the property’s value. New Residents, who will eventually use these services, could also be required to pay for the remaining offsite service costs.

Most Municipalities usually administrate these user pay projects via a LOCAL IMPROVEMENT BYLAW.

HOWEVER… Here is Therrien, Fuhl & Warren’s Plan…

Mayor Therrien, along with Councillors Fuhl and Warren, are now preparing a GENERAL BORROWING BYLAW that will force ALL SPRINGFIELD RESIDENTS to pay for these offsite services, which are intended for the benefit of four planned developments in Dugald and one in Oakbank.


Estimated Costs to supply new services, exclusively for the benefit of new development, is north of $55 million dollars.  This will undoubtedly increase all resident’s property taxes substantially. Initial estimates including the debt servicing fees will certainly add hundreds of dollars per year to all resident’s property taxes.

Allan Akins, a Director of Springfield Taxpayers Rights Corp (STRC), states that this appears to be another rushed, poorly thought-out plan, by Therrien, that has very little to no support from our community. Therrien’s plan appears to increase the profits of Business Developers and Builders, at the expense of Springfield Residents.

Therrien’s plan is also to accelerate the availability of serviced lots for home builds, from our current 70 new builds per year to a minimum of 200 new residences each year.  WE believe this number of new builds is excessive and will not only affect our rural identity, but it will continue to increase traffic congestion and safety concerns on Dugald and Garven Roads for commuters. This plan would also place significant stress on our schools, as their capacity is already extended.

Most Importantly, a vast MAJORITY of Springfield Residents have already invested up to $50,000 for their own Wells and/or Septic Fields. Why should we be forced to pay for the services of new residents in these new developments?

Akins also stated, “Therrien is not offering funding for existing and new Acreage Residents. Currently all residents on acreages must provide for their own services, by drilling new wells and septic fields on their property.” Why is Therrien giving new residential small lot builders and developers a free ride at our expense? We have already paid once for our own services, why then should we pay for someone else’s?

Councillors Andy Kuczynski (Ward 2) and Mark Miller (Ward 3) have been vocal against the proposed new tax and spend scheme. They are fighting for fair taxation for all Springfield residents. Councillors Kuczynski and Miller promote the benefit, user pay approach that will not additionally tax existing residents and safeguarding the key concerns of our community members.


STRC members have recently completed an extensive canvas throughout the ENTIRE MUNICIPALITY, meeting with over 800 residents.

Akins confirmed the following results:

  1. Over 90% of the residents we consulted with, said, “NO” to Therrien, Fuhl and Warren’s excessive costly growth plan which includes PAYING up to $55 MILLION DOLLARS FROM RESIDENTS’ OWN POCKETS FOR SERVICES, from which they will receive no benefit.
  2. Overwhelmingly Springfield residents want to keep their rural community identity and not move towards becoming a suburb of Winnipeg.
  3. All proposed new development plans for Springfield must not affect residents existing quality of life.

The executive and members of STRC believe all residents should be aware of this massive multi Million-dollar TAX HIKE, which is also most quite likely contravening Springfield’s Master Land Use Development Plan and it’s adopted policies.

We have contacted an exceptionally large number of our Springfield residents, most of whom have no idea about this pending proposed bylaw.


New Developments
With less than 10% support from the community on Therrien, Fuhl and Warren’s tax increase, and after listening to what residents said at the door, WE ARE PROPOSING THE FOLLOWING:

  1. Mayor Therrien and council withdraw the General Borrowing Bylaw.
  2. That council agrees to hold and commits to meaningful public hearings and follow the recommendations of the community that it ‘SERVES”!
  3. Council confirms adoption of a user pay by-law for all new developments.
  4. Council reaffirms that they will uphold and follow Springfield’s existing by-laws including our Master Land Use by-law development plan.
  5. Council reaffirms the rights of its ratepayers and restores residents’ full access and participation on important matters affecting our community at council meetings.
  6. Council agrees to establish, with residents, a fair and reasonable annual cap on all new home and residential construction in Springfield. Additionally, Council will provide a detail forward looking financial plan that identifies how projects will be funded and to address the concerns of residents.

Council agrees to establish a comprehensive, fair and honest review of costs regarding our proposed current freshwater reverse osmosis treatment plant with the goal of reducing the capital costs by 50%. Currently there are seven viable options to explore that Mayor Therrien and Councillors Fuhl and Warren failed to consider prior to first reading.

Make your voice heard!

DEMAND that the RM of Springfield Council be FAIR & EQUITABLE!

Tell Mayor Therrien, Councillor Fuhl and Councillor Warren to:

  1. IMMEDIATELY withdraw the General Borrowing Bylaw (which taxes ALL residents)
  2. Bring to council a “Local Improvement Bylaw” (which is fair and equitable) (A Local Improvement Bylaw will require the Land Developers and Builders, who are the beneficiaries of new municipal water and sewer services, to unconditionally agree to pay for these services IN FULL)

Mayor Patrick Therrien: 204-902-0728 Email: ptherrien@rmofspringfield.ca
Councillor Glen Fuhl: 204-232-4631 Email:gfuhl@rmofspringfield.ca
 Councillor Melinda Warren: 204-403-8201 Email:mwarren@rmofspringfield.ca

3. Sign the below petitions and email to Allan Akins (allanakinsis@gmail.com)

DOWS Petition

ROSSOL Petition

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